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  • What should I do if I have a medical emergency?

    What should I do if I have a medical emergency?

    For any emergency,always CALL 911.

  • Do you provide a full service home care program?

    Do you provide a full service home care program?

    Yes,we do.
    A Plus Solutions Home Health care Inc is a registered Montreal healthcare company. We provide a convenient private in home, in hospital and community based health care services that allow you to manage your health when and where you need us. Our professional health care team provides one on one personalized home health care services such as Home Services, Non-Medical Personal Care, In –Home Blood Test,Urine Tests, Medical Nursing Care Therapeutic Massage for Pain & Stress Relief, and other alternative healthcare services in Montreal. When you or your loved ones are suffering from an illness, it is not an easy thing to deal with. Our Registered Nurses and other health professionals with years of medical /surgical/obstetrical/gynecological experience can help in many ways.

  • How is your services rated?

    How is your services rated?

    We have a “all -in-one” high quality personalized services: Our high quality non-medical and medical services have helped us to obtain our positive reputation among seniors, hospitals, insurance companies, and doctors in Montreal.

  • How modern is your home health care programs?

    How modern is your home health care programs?

    We have a on-going staff training: All of our experienced employees go through strict training programs before we even think about matching them with a client.For example,if your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease,then the caregiver must know what the disease is and how to take care a client with Alzheimer’s disease.Once training is completed they shadow our best and most effective caregivers for a week or two until we are sure they are ready to provide the best care possible.

  • Are your staff supervised?

    Are your staff supervised?

    We believe in accountability,hence on-going staff supervision: Our registered nurses provide 24-hour support to our caregivers and perform weekly to monthly supervisory visits to monitor and assess whether our caregivers are compliant with the home care plan and assess whether our clients are 100% pleased with our services.

  • I live in another city,how can you help my parents?

    I live in another city,how can you help my parents?

    We know how important your family is to you,so keeping you updated is important to us also: We provide you with peace of mind for your family by updating you with what’s going on with your loved one through phone calls and emails when distance is a barrier.

  • What is the cost for a nursing assessment?

    What is the cost for a nursing assessment?

    Free initial nursing assessment and plan: Our registered nurses can offer a free nursing assessment at the comfort of your home or in hospital to determine what level of care you need by working collaboratively with your physician and other healthcare professionals in hospital or rehab center.

  • How safe is my health records?

    How safe is my health records?

    Your Confidentiality is important to us:
    We will be honest with all clients. All information in the care plan or within our organization is strictly confidential and will not be shared with others outside our organization. A + Solutions will document what was done each day at the end of every shift.

  • How does your personal care services work?

    How does your personal care services work?

    Each time an A Plus Home care support worker makes a service visit, they are book with you for a minimum of 3 hours. Three hours is the minimum number of hours that A+ Solutions will provide services.
    A+ Solutions believes that the best in-home care experience comes by maintaining consistency of the people who visit. As much as possible, A+ Solutions strives to keep the same care givers on regular and consistent schedules. However, there may be times and circumstances out of our control that require us to change the support worker.

  • Is there anything at all you can not do?

    Is there anything at all you can not do?

    Service Activities We Perform
    Please always check with our care manager if you are unsure about whether or not we can perform a service. Please keep in mind, each support worker has different level of experience and training. All medical issues should be consulted with and addressed by your doctors.
    • Light housekeeping (dusting, vacuum, tidy up of kitchen, organize closets, change bed linens, laundry/ironing, load & unload dishwasher, help organize cupboards, tidy up bathroom, sweep hardwood or bare floor).
    • Miscellaneous (companionship, conversation, cook together, pet care, supervise home maintenance such as housecleaning, play board games, arts and crafts projects, medication reminders, answer the phone, read, do crossword puzzles, watch TV, reading, Monitoring for Safety & security).
    • Errands & Transportation (Grocery and clothes shopping, buy stamps, mail packages, pick up prescriptions, take to doctors appointments,attend church services,theater/movie events, dine out for meals drive to family gatherings, handle dry-cleaning.)
    • Live-in & sleep over services (Sleep or stay awake overnight, help with dressing, assist with hygiene/brush teeth, Prepare breakfast).
    • Personal care (assist bathing for safety, personal hygiene, grooming, continence care, mobility assistance, dressing assistance).
    • Note: Even though our caregivers provide fantastic care and work to ensure safety, A + Solutions can not guarantee that falls or emergency situations will never occur. In case of emergency, our support worker will always follow the emergency procedure outlined in your care plan.

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