• My first contact with A Plus Solutions was two years ago as I didn’t want to waste my time in a waiting room for my blood and urine tests. The visiting nurse was excellent, and she never missed my small and difficult veins. My doctor and I always receive my results within 24 hours, and my insurance covered all my lab testing fee.

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“Three months ago, my brother and I realized that our dad is not answering the phone, nor was he returning our calls. He is never someone who avoid making phone calls,returning our calls or as matter of fact and telling us how and what he thinks. We know dad had no hearing problems With he help of the guys at A+ SOLUTIONS HEALTH CARE  we were able to get him diagnose, and was alarm to find out this was all due to senior depression. The depression was a direct result of him feeling lonely after mom pass away. We feel so helpless due to the long distance between Vancouver and Montreal. Luckily, A+ SOLUTIONS HEALTH CARE provided many home and medical solutions, that helped my father and us getting pass that difficult period for our family”

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