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Hello and welcome to our unique “one stop ” high-quality, empathetic private health care services which is made available to help children, seniors and anyone in our communities with a busy schedule access to a very convenient, private and professional services.
Our group of professionals will help you with the treatment of many ailments – Let us help you take charge of your health today.

Private Health Care Montreal

Are you tired of taking a day off from your work for your medical and blood tests?

All our home blood tests can be reimbursed 80-100% by your basic insurance plan or on your income tax returns. We are partnered with local hospitals , lab tests are some of these services are fully covered by RAMQ.

All medical tests prescribed by your doctor can be done in the comfort of your own home or can be done at our clinic by one of our professional nurses.

No wait time and you and your doctor will be updated within 24-48 hours.

Tired of wait times in hospitals or CLSC ?

  1. We offer over 1,500 lab test.
  2. Allergy Testing
  3. Private Health Care
  4. Genetic Testing
  5. Affordable Private Health Care in Montreal

Our Private Health Care Services


Medical Laboratory
In-Home Blood Test
Urine tests
Workplace Health and Wellness
Paramedical Exams
Other Services
Mobile Foot Care


Private Social Services
Visiting Physiotherapists
Visiting Doctors
Private Medical Test
Medical Nursing Care
Hospital Support
Palliative Care

Useful info and Private health care tips

The Car Has New Dings And Dents

As we age,our reaction time slows,and turning your head while driving to monitor blind spots gets harder.
Dementia саn also bе the culprit bеhind fеndеr bеndеrѕ оr sideswipes in a раrking lot.
If you spot some troubles on the exterior of your parent’s car, it may be time for a conversation about driving.

Draft Your Schedule Early

Try to come up with a preliminary schedule before you even contact a care agency.
Knowing how much care your parents or love one need and when they need it help clarify your expectations and give the care agency the information they need to select the right home care provider for your parents or love ones.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

If you are taking a blood thinner or any narcotic pain medication,do not drink alcohol.If you smoke during recovery,be advised that smoking shrinks the blood vessels and slows the healing process.

Healthier lungs lead to higher blood oxygen levels and faster healing.

How Can a Care Plan Help Me?

Having a well-written care plan can help you share important information with others who take care of your parents or any loved one is always a good strategy.
This may include doctors,nurses,therapists,emergency medics,teachers,child care providers,respite providers,grandparents,friends,and neighbors.

Our health professionals

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  • Nadège


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