Private Medical Test

Are you feeling frustrated and tired of taking a day off from your work for your medical and lab tests?

Did you know that most of our private medical tests can be done at your home or office and it can be reimbursed 80-100% by your basic insurance plan or claim as a credit on your income tax returns?

We have partnered with several hospitals and local clinics, to get your medical and laboratory tests done quickly.

Most of these services are covered by RAMQ.

No wait time and you and your doctor will receive results within 24-48 hours.

Tired of wait times in hospitals or CLSC ? Yes? Give us a call today

  1. We offer over 1,500 lab test.
  2. Some tests may take months in hospitals or clinics, with us ? 24-48 hours.. for example : e.g. Helicobacter polori breath test is available and your doctor will receive the result after 48 hours. The average wait time for H. Polori test in hospitals is 6 months
  3. For people who don’t have private or public insurance, nursing fee starts at only $ 35 / service.
  4. All medical / nursing service can be reimbursed by insurance or 100% deductible as medical expenses on your income tax returns.
  5. Our experienced care coordinator can assist you in completing the paperwork for your reimbursement.

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Our Private Medical Test Services


Menopause tests
Pinworm test
Urine tests
24 hour urine
Cardiovascular disease tests
Electrocardiogram test (EKG) Thyroid Profiles
Drugs screening test


Pregnancy test
Hepatic function tests
Pinworm test
Andrology tests
Osteoporosis tests
STD profile testing
Blood coagulation testing

Useful info and Private Medical Test care tips

How does it work?

One of our health professional will visit you and collect the specimens requested by your doctor at your home at the time that suits you best.

Then we will safely send the specimens directly to the public or private laboratory that we’ve partnered with. Usually, the test results will be back within 24-48 hours.

After sending the results to your doctor and you, we get paid through your basic insurance plan, or you can pay us privately and get reimburse via your insurance plan.

Call now for an affordable price, great service, professional nurses our experienced office manager can help you with all the insurance medical paperwork.

What is our Service Zones?

Montreal / West island / Laval / South Shore / North Shore / and more.

Why choose Private Medical Laboratory?

We have partnered with various public hospitals and one of the largest private laboratories. We provide efficient specimen collection and transportation and timely delivery, accurate results to help doctors make better healthcare decisions.

Our private and state of art laboratory uses the most technologically advanced equipment and computer systems for over 1,500 private medical test we do.

Our licensed nurses  are specialized with small fragile veins in children, adults and seniors .

No wait time & your doctor will receive results within 24 hrs. Your health can’t wait!

Don’t have a doctor to prescribe your required Medical tests?

We can help, We can refer you to a doctor. Call us for more information (514) 999-8009

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