Private Health Care Montreal

We employ only the very best professional in their field of expertise.

  • We provide our entire clientele with first class service
  • Integrated home health care system
  • We take the extra time to find the best options for those who entrust their care to us. We only hire qualify healthcare workers
  • We Make sure that family members of those we care for, can sleep well at night.
  • We are multi-disciplinary, multi-lingualistic and multi-talented 

We keep up to date.

We keep up with a changing industry; we use only safe, reliable methods in providing the most comprehensive care to all our clients

Documentation– As medical professionals and qualify healthcare workers we enforce keeping a complete,maintaining the privacy of and the accurate documentation of all our patients and clients, we take your health and safety to heart.

We have a simply no exception rule.

Podiatrist nurse montreal

Blood test at home

Speak to our care coordinator.

Medical expenses such as in-home blood test, medical nursing care and palliative care can be reimbursed between eighty and one hundred percent ( 80-100%) by private,public,group,CSST insurance plans.
Our experienced care coordinator can assist you in completing all the related paperwork for your insurance and medical reimbursement.