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Private Social Services and Counselling

A + Solutions Home Healthcare offers social services, such as psycho-social assessments and counselling by our clinical social workers who are registered with the Ordre Des Travailleurs Sociaux et Des Thérapeutes Conjugaux et Familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ).Our team prides ethical responsibility and professionalism when working with vulnerable clients in the community.

We are committed to a client-centered approach to insure that the psycho-social assessment reflects a well-informed and accurate evaluation of the client (the person who is incapacitated) and their family.

Most are covered by your private medical plan.

No wait time we can see you or your love ones within 24-48 hours.

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Our Private Social Services


Private Psycho-Social Assessment
Community Out Reach
Developmental Delays Assessment
Developmental Delays Counseling
Program Development


Mandate In Case of Incapacity
Intellectual Disability Assessment
Protective Supervision Assessment
Intervention Plans
Individual Counseling
Family Caregiver Support

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Meet our lead team member – Jessica Levine MSW, Professional Social Worker

Our Social Worker Manager, Jessica Levine, holds a Masters of social work degree from McGill University and is a member of the Ordre Des Travailleurs Sociaux et Des Thérapeutes Conjugaux et Familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ).

For the last decade Jessica has worked extensively with adults living with a disability in foster care, specifically adults with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. Jessica has worked in a variety of settings including Miriam Home, CSSS Cavendish and West Montreal Réadaptation Centre.

She is highly skilled medical professional, who has completed comprehensive psycho-social assessments for protective supervision regimes for vulnerable adults.

Her areas of expertise include psycho-social assessments, intervention plans, individual counseling and family caregiver support, program development and community out reach.

What is our Service Zones?

Montreal / West island / Laval / South Shore / North Shore / and more.

What is a psycho-social assessment?

A psycho-social assessment is an act reserved, and can only be completed by a social worker or individuals authorized by the professional code in the province of Quebec (OTSTCFQ).

A psycho-social assessment is a legal document required in order to assure that the individual’s rights and wishes are represented.

The psycho-social assessment examines the client’s capacities and limitations and identifies the degree of incapacitation; whether it is partially or completely, and temporarily or permanently.

The psycho-social assessment then determines which type of protective supervision regime is best suited to the needs of the client (a mandatory, legal guardian, tutor, or perhaps the public curator).

No wait time, we can see you or your love one within 24 – 48 hrs.

What is a Mandate In Case of Incapacity?

An individual who is declared incapacitated may have already prepared a Mandate In Case of Incapacity. This document indicates the person they wish to represent them (the mandatory) if they can no longer represent themselves in their civic duties (person and property).

In order for the mandate to be approved, it must undergo a process known as homologation.

A social worker can begin this process by completing the psycho-social assessment with the individual, mandatory, and family.

When is a person declared incapacitated?

A person is declared incapacitated when a medical physician deems that the person is unable to care for themselves (person) or their affairs (property).

Intellectual disability, illness, or accidents are some of the causes of incapacitation.

Both a medical assessment (completed by a medical physician) and a psycho-social assessment (completed by a social worker) are required for the homologation of a mandate and/or a protective supervision regime to be approved by the court of Quebec.

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